Service Bus Error, "Target machine actively refused it."

Today I came across an error where I could not connect to the remote host, which was hosting my local service bus instance. After much digging around, the only help I could find was trying to test the port to make sure it was opened. I checked the port, which was 9355 and noticed that it was open, so then I started looking around at the powershell commands to see if I could find anything else that might give me a hand. I found the Get-SBFarmStatus command which allows you to see the status for particular services that should be running. I noticed that the "Service Bus Gateway" was not running for some odd reason and then used the Start-SBHost command to get it started again. Smooth sailing after that... Now when I checked the port (9355) it threw a SocketException error, letting me know that service bus was now listening on that port.

HostId   HostName       ServiceName                           Status

    1    MachineName    Service Bus Gateway                Running

    1    MachineName    Service Bus Message Broker      Running

    1    MachineName    FabricHostSvc                          Running

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Posted by: BayerWhite
Posted on: 8/20/2013 at 5:26 AM
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