My Review of Jacksonville's Last Code Camp

The title was going to be "Faye Could Not Stop Jacksonville's Code Camp Last Saturday", however with my blog being down I was not able to get this out the Monday after the event, August 23, 2008. I did want to voice how I thought it went...

For those of you who read the topic of this post and do not live in the southeast, you may have thought that Faye was some speaker’s wife that was upset because her husband was speaking at a Saturday code camp rather than spending time with her. I assure you that Faye was much worse than that. Faye was the tropical storm that slowly made her way through Florida, helping to decide rather or not to have our code camp. While most of us were without power, and making our own minds up that we were not going to be able to even speak, the organizers of the code camp, Tom and Jon Bates, Noel and Chad Cooper were making sure things would still happen.

After we found out that the original location of where we were supposed to have code camp was still shutdown due to the storm, the leaders of the code camp decided to use the next facility available, a church. When I found out about this I was a bit concerned about how we would still do our presentations but I realized everything was under control once I got the new code camp's location.

I never thought that a code camp could be so well organized at such a last minute. Vendors who were sponsoring the event had their table littered with material and manned. Registration went as smooth as a two window drive-thru and the way they notified attendees about each presentation and how to get there was genius. Each presentation was announced about 5 minutes before they began and had walkers that would lead the attendees to the room that the session was in. We had LCD TV's to present from and the rooms were the right size where we did not have to use any audio equipment.

Overall, I would close the books after the event and say it was a success after the curve balls that were thrown at it. We still had our Microsoft representation by Russ Fustino, Jeff Barnes and my other good friend, Joe Healy. Thanks to all of you for making this year's code camp a success and I especially appreciate the diehard attendees who still made it out, while majority still had their power out due to the storm.

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Posted by: BayerWhite
Posted on: 9/13/2008 at 4:02 AM
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