WF Processes High Volume Claims

I recently had the opportunity to push WF further than I have ever taken the framework before. I had a need of initially processing thousands of claims for payment reimbursement with the number of claims growing daily. Each claim had to be processed everyday at a predefined interval(hours), to determine what action needed to be taken. Basically the claims were placed into states and moved around based on how they were processed. For instance, a claim might be processed but the reimbursement period might have expired, therefore putting it into and Expired state.

My first goal was to get existing claims out of an external case management system based on certain business rules. Now this workflow would check for new claims every hour(wfGetNewClaims), so after getting a batch of claims, another workflow was invoked(wfProcessClaims) loading each claim as a workflow instance. Once they were loaded, they could be processed asyncronously from the parent workflow allowing each claim to be processed. This particular client had some real specific business rules, basically a matrix of rules that fit real nice into policy activities and other OOB activities. For instance, there were rules for setting the state of the claim, while there were also notifications via email that needed to happen based on the state and the amount of time the claim was in a particular state. Finally, after the claims were processed for payment reimbursement or expired, a final workflow was invoked for each claim to measure quality and process indicators, measuring the success of the business process. For example, "Average of claims that were expired for a certain amount of time". Notifications were also needed to send indicator information which was driven by other policy activities. Ajustments could be made based on measuring these indicators

After I completed this solution, I had discovered that WF had been a good choice in which I could rapidly build extensible business rules, that the client seemed to change monthly and sometimes weekly. The claims flow was transparent, which allowed me to make changes to the process very easily, as business requirements changed over time. Finally, because these claims needed to be processed sometimes for over a years time, WF took care of all of the plumbing needed so I did not have to build it(persistence). When the project was completed, WF was processing close to 3,000 claims, which was pretty impressive. it could process all of the business rules for each claim very quickly. Honestly, at first I was somewhat concerned because I had never processed a large volume of WF Instances before, but I was very pleased in the performance and the confidence gained.

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Posted by: BayerWhite
Posted on: 9/30/2008 at 5:02 AM
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