Dynamics AX Integration

I am currently on a team working on interfacing Dynamics AX with our current "Line of Business". One of the big challenges was how to get data into Dynamics from the outside and have reliability through messaging queues. If you caught my earlier post about Sql Servers Forgotten Technology, Service Broker  was something that we were researching and honestly it is proving its self as we work closer and learn more about what it can do. Now we can effectively get data out of Dynamics to update other systems using Service Broker, but again to get data in was still a challenge.

Dynamics backend is SQL and at first glance it seems that it could be queried and changed just like any other Sql Server backend, but there are fields and relationships that you might not be made aware of. Also, after doing some research, we realized that the Business Connector  that comes with Dynamics was the interface of choice for getting data to Dynamics. Still the question was, "how?" and still have real time updates like we do using Service Broker to get data out. Our model was simple, for the two endpoints call stored procedures that would send messages between the two databases and by the way, this is why we are using Service Broker. It is extremely light for doing this type of functionality. The problem was calling the Business Connector from the DAX side once messages started piling in the queues. I could have had another process running that processed the queues but I wanted to try and keep the same model. Immediately my answer was a CLR Stored Procedure  that could call the managed Business Connector. At least I thought it was totally managed as an interop dll. Something I learned was it was not and it could not be added into SQL's CLR. I saw some articles of how to do it with web services; however I knew that I could probably use WCF as well. After reading a couple of articles I was able to implement it.

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Posted by: BayerWhite
Posted on: 11/7/2008 at 1:23 AM
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