LINQ To XML Questions From Last Night's JaxDUG Meeting

Last night I gave a presentation on data access, OR Modeling and clarification of the various flavors of LINQ. Some of the questions I received were focused on the performance comparisons of LINQ To XML compared to other XML technologies, like XPath and XMLDocument. I came arcross a cousins blog, Eric White...Well maybe he is not my cousin, but probably related in some way. He has some good information by which he researched and made availabe.

Some other info I wanted to share is XML security with LINQ To XML. There is a great MSDN article that sheds some light. Basically, untrusted xml should not be used with LINQ To XML and instead initialized with XMLReader due to 'Denial of Service' attacks, then you can take advantage of LINQ To XML.

Finally, there were questions about LINQ To XML being used with large XML files. Personally, I would not use L2X to perform anything with large xml data files, however I would do something similiar like this CodeProject article recommends.

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Posted by: BayerWhite
Posted on: 2/5/2009 at 3:04 AM
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