Time Sweet Time(JaxDUG, JaxCodeCamp, Work,Speaking) Where Does It Go?

While preparing for our .Net Code Camp in August 29th, working a full-time job and speaking everyother week I am just now starting to get my head back up from the stacks of email and get to blog something somewhat exciting. BTW, JaxCodeCamp is right around the corner and we already have a ton of great speakers, sessions so don't get left out. If you are a geek, and you must be if you are reading this, then register for JaxCodeCamp for August 29th, 2009.

Now for the fun stuff...An opportunity has arised at my compony to re-evaluate how we handle fraud for our e-commerce site. Thousands of orders are processed daily and we wanted a more flexible way to process a new set of fraud rules. I had already built rules around "package inserts", a cool little insert added to orders that meet certain rules, based on rules built using the WF Rules Engine and now I have the challenge of handling the fraud checks too. At first glance, the new rules that were handed to me were somewhat intimidating, as I did not have a clear plan of how I was going to implement them, however as I got started, things simplified right up. This gives me the confidence that WF's Rules Engine was of course a great choice for handling these rules. They can be changed at any moment while taking orders without skipping a beat!

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Posted by: BayerWhite
Posted on: 7/14/2009 at 3:34 PM
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