Removing Imported Namespaces IN WF4

One of the new features you will see in WF4 is the 'Imports' Tab. This tab makes it easier for fully qualifying type names, or should I say, "Not fully qualifying type names". Instead, you can use the import tab and add the namespaces through the Import Designer. The only problem is what happens when you add the wrong one? Simple...well not at first, however one can figure out that since they are added to the xaml, they can be easily removed.

  1. Right click on the workflow.xaml file within the Solution Explorer
  2. Select "View Code", since you have the file open Visual Studio will ask you if you want to close the existing file so it can be opened up as xml
  3. At the very top of the xml, within the main root, "<Activity>" scroll down the name spaces till you see the one or more you would like to remove from the workflow
  4. Highlight them and press delete. The cool thing here is if you then view the workflow within the designer it does not go all crazy on you incase you delete one that you still need like it did in 3.x when you messed with the xaml.
  5. You should notice that the namespaces are no longer within the Imprt Designer

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Posted by: BayerWhite
Posted on: 11/25/2009 at 6:04 AM
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